Flanders Hotel

Hotel. 2015 - 2017

Designed + Furnished.

Weetze Soens designed the full renovation of the Flanders Hotel in Ocean City, NJ. This was a three year project that included demolishing 195 rooms, to create 95 condos, 2 foyers, a restaurant, 3 ballrooms, common areas, office spaces, and a pool and garden area.

Flanders became the Jewel of the Jersey Shore.

This project was like designing Cinderella's castle.   Rich in history, those from the Jersey Shore's relatives stayed there or swam in the salt water pool.  Miss America stayed in the penthouse overlooking the ocean.  The hotel was forgotten, vacant, and ready to be closed.  Then the transformation started - I was the only woman on the crew and the only designer out of 30 men. By the end of the project they respected me and my choices to bring Her alive again.  All 95 condos were sold immediately off of my furnished sample with a french theme in fabrics to a bistro kitchen look.  When the ballrooms were finished the Flanders became the # 1 spot to have a wedding.  I learned the history of the hotel it came from the Flanders field in France.  I saw lots of circles everywhere; from windows to large custom wooden door handles.  The circle was for the continuance of life.  I transformed the 3 ballrooms each with a different theme as seen in the before and after photos.